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begins part 1 iron force & tecno force fanfic power rangers

begins part 1

thomas and kelly are maried happy and have 3 kids 2 dochter and a son and the work as teachers at the dallas gardians academy and the are earth ranger power source builders and the are working on new projekt techno force power a power suit that grands the person who has put the suit on a hero and you can be new hero or a tv hero or comic book hero the suit can use you ideas were you think of but the suits were lost a groep of badguys shot the plane down and the suit and date cards are crashdown the suit morpher were in side a protected trunks daniel james see the plane crash down and see the baduys steel the trunks smal ones but 1 of the trunks lay on the ground near him he picked it up and look in the trunk and see a morpher and put it on his wrist and computer from morpher says length and weight scan complete and place you fingers on the 3 buds vingerprints scan complete voice scan say somting daniel say cool thanks scan complete give my morphing call
daniel say power up ranger morphing call scan complete daniel say it and morping and transforms and became the flash
and kick but the morpher send information of daniel hobbys and sport and the computer activate a machiene and that make
weapons and battliser and zords and vehicles the machiene make 2 guns and sonic battliser 2 modes and 1 that have a microjet like rocketeer and torso shield legs arms and have 2 big shoulder sonic canons and 2 have compleet armor like andros battliser and more guns and machiene guns and have first aid stuff on the suit sf stuf like those scanner cloves from earth 2 and diffrend movies came home and see the news heard on the news which the solar gardian rangers fight the malicious alien darkmaster and kick his but and won the fight and the red ranger say against the reporter if the world is in danger a new team will protect the earth and walk a way behind the moon a large space ship coming to earth and in het schip we find the
body of darkmaster cryo sliep and we are seen a being that look like darkmaster but diffrend colors and that being says I take
revenge on the earth people and the people that put you to cryo sliep natascha2000 say thomas there ara a space ship behind the moon an coming to earth natascha activate projekt iron force natascha did that and four people were teleported to a space station on other side of the earth welcome people edwin says wo are you aim thomas mulder i was the solar gardian red ranger he saira good to see you again you look great know each other says edwin yes we know each other she was the gray solar gardian ranger wouw say the rest why we are here there are coming a new evil to earth and you are to be come power rangers wouw that cool but why us you are the top line from the gardian police force and saira got the lead spot she are the red ranger this time the rest say cool she have the moste experience
you are now the iron force ranger and the fun part are you hava all a battliser later on way say edwin you have 3 suit to use this time wouw are the different from each other yes weapons and power back up and transform mode to street clothing and your suit are all batliser but no suit no battliser the diffrends are weapons and ground or flight mode
here you first morpher the first suit need the sun to have power but dont have long lasting battery if you dont have sun light you suit have only power for 9 hours but your new suit are back up power source go home and learn about your suits thanks

chapter 2
thomas call natascha2000 the ai and ask here if she want to be a ranger she want to be a ranger again and thomas say iron force thomas let natascha seen on the pc the power and the suit and techno force suit natascha2000 wanted to be a techno ranger and a hero darklightning /lightning ranger and here suit she want a black suit and white lightning stripes on the suit and she wanted a shield she got a shield a red shield that look like tommy green and a body armor that cops uses
the next morning daniel got up and go to hospital to learn to be a nurse school hospital there were a big explosion in the city and wounded dallas gardian were at the hospital and the 4 rangers to got alarm and go to the city daniel go to the toilet and became the flash again and run to the ranger and save there lives and than the tecno suit start to chance to a power ranger suit look like the iron force suit and andros battliser he became the sonic green ranger tecno ranger 4 guns and shoulder holsters and belt holster teleported on the suit and the computer from the suit say that are your sleeping dart colt pytons 357 and your sonic mega blasters wouw but on you belt there are special laser that looks like that thing that have the sleeping darts in it and you can chance them out if you like daniel fight good agains the clones these were more power full new model
of these robot humans the dont use a power ranger source this time but wear a better armor suit that eart army can build but the new ranger team are better but only 2 % the clones are destroyd and the rangers go home the dont no who the sonic ranger is that the find out later on true there mission daniel find out that the tecno suit have a secret weapon but dont no wat that is the green sonic ranger have silver sonic stripes on the suit that are liquid mimetic polyalloy (quick silver) and the ranger can use that as a weapon and shield if he and she like another alarm the ranger go there and find a stronger some bigger clone than the others but the ranger destroy it but get rebuild and no got super big thomas say call you zords the call there zords and go in the zords and say wouw cool zord and look we have more than on transform mode yes we see say the other rangers but not al the switch work only megazord and ultra zord 2 to 4 and 16 battliser modes 4 to a zord
cool the ranger transfom from first mode to second to thirth mode magazord mode and start to fight and the all most win but the big clone android use a secret weapon and damege to zords the canot fight but the can transform to battliser and the do that zeo battliser and dragon battliser for the 2 zords that are left and the won the fight and go home the end

chapter 3
the ranger were at the base and computer scans a strange power source the place is strange is the air
and the find a island and a famous island Animaria called the ranger say wouw what up there a earthquake has made the entrance free of a cave and from the cave the power source scan come from and the rangers use there rescue zords airwolf and red wolf to go to Animaria Princess Shayla awoke from the earthquake and she sees 2 strange vehicles landing and she go down to find the wild force ranger and find them and she ask for there help one more time cole and danny and max and taylor and alyssa and merrick become power rangers again and go to the island to stop the unauthorized persons on the island
that are the new ranger teams the ironforce and techno force ranger the walking to the cave and go in the cave and find strange coins and strange snakes amulets and they feel the power from the coins and amulets and there suit are transforming to a new suit more andros battliser styl suit and the logo of the power are on the suit ore the strange snake amulet on the suit but the can transform back to the old suit at wil and the are happy and vind it cool the rangers got out of the cave and the wild force rangers shoots the rangers but missed the ranger say iron force go voice comand acepted the mini zord are on the way and the are fly in and the mini says zord ready suit separation activaded firstly the gloves then under arm and above arm and the boots and the under leg and upper leg and helmet as last and there are four iron force rangers the last 2 ranger say to diffrend morphing calls one of them say power up and the second ranger say darklightning force and the became to techo rangers and are green and black but these to have the snake amulet the Auryn and can make a wish and the say give the power of wild force red ranger and the became 2 red rangers look the same as cole and that strange more lion rangers
and the 4 iron force ranger get new suit to one that you can see the elements that the can use there are more than on elements that the ranger can use fire air water earth and lots more the wild force ranger charge to fight but lost to weak power source the have and the think the gona be destroyd but the ranger that the think are evil ranger unmorh and say you are the wild force rangers arnd you yes we are and you atack us way you trespassing on the island animaria sorry we just had to find your back up power to fight a new evil the sun of the dark master made earth dark and the power we use need the sun to have power we go now you are not evil ranger no we are not the end

part 4 the black shadow
the ranger are at there space station base and are training to use there suits and try to vind out the identity of the sonic ranger
but the see the news and hear about another hero the call him/her the black shadow and that hero use android animals the can transform resources to and weapon and extra armor and aid new helmet gets where he/they improve can see
armor where he they more rapidly/stronger becomes
and improves hear can he/they and looks like a ranger cool say the ranger but the want to find out the identity of the black shadow the son of the black master want to find out the identity of the solar rangers and destroy them but he cant find them and gets mad than the master have idea if i can find them i make them come to me and i now just the way to that the power from the ironforce rangers study and find from what strength source is and be sent clones down and care that it becomes cloudy
the alarm go of at the space station and the rangers go down and fight the clones the sonic ranger it hears on news but is possible not yet gone has finals to go to and is fed up the iron force ranger start to fight and won the fist wave of clones there are come still more down to earth and the ranger see that there power getting weak and the demorf and the clones were about to catch the ranger and the got shot down the black shadow down its android animals stood at him havik bear wolf panther and say the strength of
the bear speed of the panther eyes of the havik ears of the wolf transform on roof of bldg. and jumped and the shadow have extra armor to and started against the clones fight the shadow covered 2 be the wave but there came more and the shadow got hit and
and the suit deactivaded the shadow demorft but you who him/her are you canot see the shadow wears a ninja suit under the shadow suit the shadow lay ko on the ground and the sonic ranger came and ensured that everyone could escape but the sonic ranger got hit to and got hurt in the leg and he were ko to the rangers bring the black shadow and the sonic ranger to ther space station and there the got treaded for there inguries the end

chapter 5
the identity of the sonic ranger and the black shadow the rangers and there new friends are the space station and the new friends starting to wake up and ask were the are the rangers say you are at the space station the base of this team wouw say the sonic ranger who build this space station that i made that and your morpher to but the were hijackt but you have one of the thecno morphers i see yep thats right say the sonic ranger but i becam a ranger wen i met them not be for that
that right the power use your fantasie to work before you wanted to be a super hero and later on a power ranger the suit respons to that and the suit learn about your live wat you like that the reason you are the sonic ranger you like music i bet
yes i like that say sonic ranger and i play a instrument cool aim thomas i was the red solar gardian ranger and now aim the mentor and advisor for this team wo are you power down daniel james clark that mine name and mine say the black shadow
are Sabrina Wilson and take of the ninja mask wouw you are a girl say thomas and you made a ranger power armor cool wat type of power source do you use a black cristal her that a black fire stone say thomas here have some more and sabrina wilson put them at the power source conectors and had get more power that see ever had but the iron force fire stones i gave a power boest from my old power from the solar gems have to of them you have 10 fire stones and have 100 % that 1000 % but the iron force have there stones up to 250 % 10 of them 2500% so that power are stronger yes i see here a morpher you are the green iron force ranger and the black shadow you suit dont look like the iron suite zo you may keep that as back up and maybe the battliser can be that suit and your mini animal zord you may use al zo i can make them stronger and give them nice weapons and that you can use al so and you have a ultra battliser al the zord and your black shadow suit and that have the protection you need i have a idea maybe you can use the fire stones as a force field shield but not the wole fight and maybe we can work together to make a better battliser and weapons and zord for new team and back up of active team you all and the ranger that we find have lots more iron force morphers but not more techno force that wrong say daniel james clark the techno morphers i have them back home but i dont have the data cards that were with them
that no problem i have made more cards and i have them hier and you can use them all al so power up from your suits and new ones to
wouw more suits than this one say sabrina yes more totaal you have 3 iron force suits and 2 stap battliser from 2 and 3 suits cool and in the save over there new power ranger powers 4 coins and 4 snake amulets maybe back up team or for a new team you first use the powers i made the iron force powers and techno powers and we must vind the data cards some of them have battliser codes not the battliser you get from the 2 second suit you get later on and not the battliser the tecno ranger get the machien made a battliser morpher a chrono battliser there you have all the shows battlisers in that morpher but the date cards have battliser code for joint power battliser
you mean that the ironforce power ranger suits are the techno rangers extra battliser say Sabrina Wilson
yes say thomas cool say sabrina wilson but the techno force ranger are the battliser for the iron force rangers

that cool say daniel that mean that the techno force have al so more than one suit to were and use
yes that wright with the ultra date cards i have hidden with the second suit of the iron force rangers
you have code to activate the second suit and that suit looks not the same as the first
the suit ar al gold and the helmet and gloves en legs part are red
and that the name gold power up mode than you are stronger that as the green sonic ranger daniel cool
Sabrina Wilson ask the extra suit battliser are the for the whole team yes the are
that the ultra battliser but super ultra that only for the red ranger
that all the battliser come together as one from iron force red battliser and tecno ranger suit battliser
that means not the red tecno ranger but the rest of his tecno team and the red tecno ranger use the suit of the iron force team not the red ranger and that battliser have more power than the battliser apart and together if al the ranger use battliser but the members of the teams can use a weaker battliser that the help to make at the base

the end

power ranger iron force chapter 6 the power of the new extra power

the ranger were at there space station base of operations and the alarm go of and the ranger see on the screen that a monster robot are ataking the city the rangers go down there and fight the clones en the monster robot but somting are happening the sky got dark and the rangers demorph and can not fight any more true a back up telport system the are teleported to the space station and ik call tommy oliver on the foon and i say the time is come need your help you must bring my team to there next morpher and power ranger suit sure say tommy the ones i got from you to put them in the zord bay of the mmpr and zeo and turbo yes that the suit the need now the ranger teleported to the spot were tommy get them and i go along withem and hi tommy i say hi thomas you are a mentor to i see yes but not like you tommy you fond new power and became a ranger again iam not have a fam now and dont want that my kids grow up with out a dad you now that the best raeson to stop from active dutty as a ranger but ones a ranger always a ranger that i do not forget and if this team needs help some day i help not the rest of my life but give this team a chance to win there war lets go we got litte time left were we go tommy we follow you this way tommy say and we see the old power ranger base of operations wouw that building and zordon starded the legend team yes that true how we get in side the building with this coint that the green rangers coint yes that true but not mine coint i understand from your clone that stay at the cowboy time here in angel grove yes he stay there wouw we got in side the old base and we walkt to a hallway and we stopt bij a large door wauw the zord bay yes that true the door opening and were are the suit tommy the are in a bay left from this one wouw the zords ar still here
yes the are can my team use them tommy now the have no power and aim not that hitech person aim that persoon say thomas i made that power that you stored here you now maybe i can give these zords a new power source wouw say tommy you may try it if you like sure i like that wouw and i get to work and it works that cool
and made some modyfications to the zords now the are all are cars planes moterbike and hovercraft and more cool the ranger vond there new suits buit to get them the must do a test and the test are a question what maaak your and power ranger a morpher and powers b personality the answer are a the ranger say all that good say the safe computer and unlock the door and the rangers get there new morphers and the techno rangers there data cards and put that card in the card reader of there morpher and the morpher say code acepted new suit ready to use de iron ranger put there morpher on and the morpher say detecting another morpher scanning there are codes stored in the morpher codes acepted leven 1a and 1b battliser acess granted and new weapons codes acepted and granted cool say the ranger thomas can we see the new weapons and battliser yes you can put the morphers on the slots at the base on the computer terminal and you see the test video and the specs from the new suit and battliser and new weapons cool thanx thomas

the end